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evidence of insomnia

Chandra! Kristen! You're my favoritest! And if you don't join this community, I'll be really sad. And not just in my pants. To refresh your memory of how much you rock my socks, here's a picture of Chandra's tush: and here's one of Chandra poking Kristen in the eye:

Mwa ha ha . . . where was I?
March 4th
the Phenomenauts and a few other bands who suck in comparison
I suggest we have either my facist dictators (parents) or Kristen's facist dictators charter us to and from the show. It starts at 8, but the Phenomenauts play last, and believe me it's not worth sitting through the first few bands. Then we can come to my casa. Penelope's fixed, so my dictator has no problem toodling to Brentwood and back.

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